Old Bird Planner

This Calculator is an aid to planning your Old Bird Season and Pairing up.

This gives suggestions for feather mite control, paramyxo and paratyphoid vaccinations, canker treatments and laboratory checks to guide and streamline the treatment options.

The small dash like object, bottom right of the entry field will give you a calendar if you click on it. It changes to a blue colour on my computer when you put the mouse over it.

Pre Paring Full Lab check includes – coccidial oocysts, worm egg screen, canker, yeast, faecal E.coli and sensitivity as applicable.

Racing Lab check includes – coccidial oocysts, worm egg screen, canker, yeast only.

I would always treat for canker with DAC Ronidazole for 5 days when sitting on eggs.

All other preventive medications would depend on the lab results.

Please take a screen shot or screen print to keep this information.

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He has been an Honorary External Lecturer at the University of Bristol Veterinary School on poultry medicine and production since 1999,a lecturer on the Institute of Animal Health’s poultry disease course since 2000 and is a regular monthly contributor of veterinary articles for backyard poultry keepers in the Practical Poultry magazine.