Possible Infectious Coryza - depressed cockerel with facial swelling

Infectious Coryza

February 19, 2017 David Parsons 0

Infectious Coryza is an infection of chickens that has recently come to prominence in the UK particularly in Backyard fowl. It is likely that because this is a fastidious bacterium to grow, it has been under diagnosed or mistakenly diagnosed as Mycoplasma gallisepticum for which there is a simple blood [Read More]

4 pictures showing the clinical signs seen in a breeder cockerel with chronic fowl cholera.

Fowl Cholera

February 19, 2017 David Parsons 0

Over the years in the UK, the cases that I seen have been presented as a sudden rise in mortality in free range layers, traditional Christmas turkeys, 1 case in broilers and broiler breeders. The latter usually affected the cockerels first. The chronic form has been seen as swollen or [Read More]

PM lesions of Erysipelas


February 19, 2017 David Parsons 0

Erysipelas in birds is usually an acute overwhelming and fatal infection. It is most commonly seen in turkey flocks but is now being seen more in free range layer flocks. It is also the cause of swine erysipelas (diamond disease), joint ill in lambs or post dipping lameness in sheep. [Read More]

Spleen with Avian TB nodules.

Avian Tuberculosis

February 19, 2017 David Parsons 0

Avian Tuberculosis is a chronic wasting condition affecting many species of birds. This is not a disease that I have seen much in commercial poultry. I have learnt of one case in racing pigeons recently, seen a case in hens at a processing plant in the late 1980’s and know [Read More]